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Tigard Locations

 We believe in Developmentally Appropriate Practices  where

Play is Learning!


Bumble Babies

  Bumble Babies specializes in care of infants and toddlers. As our infant and toddler location, your precious child will be receiving top quality care in an environment designed for them. All of our staff has additional training and experience in infant and toddler development and care.

We believe that our youngest members of the Bee Bops family thrive the most when they are able to participate in hands-on activities. We offer indoor and outdoor environments that are rich in stimulating and developmentally appropriate experiences. This ranges from sensory exposure to a daily schedule dictated by each individual child.

Lil Tots



  • Hands-on learning instead of worksheets and flashcards that is fueled by play

  • Added focus on life skills

  • Potty training that focuses around the specific needs of each child and their family

  • Small group sizes

  • Outdoor classroom and playground

  • A place where imagination and creativity is encouraged

  • Theme based learning designed to help a child understand the world around them

  • Extensive sensory play


Busy Bees

  • Hands-on learning instead of worksheets and flashcards

  • Added focus on creativity

  • Mixed age groups

  • Small group sizes

  • Outdoor classroom and playground

  • A place where each child is free to be themselves

  • Theme based learning throughout our day

  • Extensive outdoor play

  • Extra large indoor space

  • Added attention to parent communication with a daily "What We Did" board

  • Curriculum from Funshine Express

Primary Caregiving


Bee Bops hires and schedules staff per location. We take into consideration the qualifications and assign a primary location or classroom. Generally speaking, each location/class have main teachers daily and we stay consistent with scheduling them in the primary location/classroom.  Please let us know if you need more information pertaining to your child’s teachers and we will be happy to share.

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