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What Parents Think

There are so many wonderful things to say about Bee Bop’s! Our family has been with Bee Bops for nearly 5 years now. Our daughter started there when she was 15 months and then my son when he was 3 months old. We had transferred our daughter from another in home day care after having concerns about communication and it just didn’t feel right. Bee Bop’s has shown us what a child care provider should and can be. Our expectations have been exceeded.

From day one my parenting concerns and guilt of being a full time working mom were erased. In my heart, every day with Bee Bop’s, I have known that my children are being nurtured, loved, cared for, stimulated and taught. We’ve been at the baby house and now Busy Bee’s and the kids have always been excited to go to “school”.

Debbie does a great job hiring staff and while there has been normal turn-over the structure, philosophy and standards remain intact because of how Debbie runs her business. I trust her decisions around staffing and know that my kids will transition smoothly.

Bottom line, my kids are safe and happy. This allows our family to thrive. And what’s better than having professional support every day in parenting? We have had partners in potty training, weaning from pacifiers, moving out of a crib, trying new foods and so much more. My heart will break the day my son transitions to kindergarten and we don’t get to see Debbie and her staff each day. Bee Bops is part of our family.

Leet Family

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