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About Us

Your Child Is in Great Hands



The children in our care will thrive in an environment where they can explore new opportunities, experiment with ideas, and build on their individual skills. 

We believe that children learn by hands-on experiences guided by committed educators. 

Our philosophy is reinforced by the following:


  • Providing a safe and nurturing and stimulating environment

  • Providing a quality education curriculum monitored on a regular basis in order to assess the children’s progress

  • Promoting healthy habits and physical development

  • Encouraging self-respect and respect for others plus respect for their environment

  • Advancing social, emotional and cognitive development


Our philosophy can only be achieved through a continued partnership with the parents. 

We promote an inclusive environment encouraging optimal growth to all children in our care. 

This can be accomplished my meeting each child were they are developmentally through an individual assessment. 


Health & Safety

The health and well being of the children and staff at bee Bops is our utmost priority. While we had cleaning protocols in place prior to the pandemic, we are complying with CDC guidelines and have implemented several new protocols. Some of these include:

  • Daily health checks are conducted in front entrances during drop off. If a child has a temperature of over 100.04 degrees, the child must self-quarantine at home and be symptom free for 72 hours before returning. 

  • Children wash their hands with adult supervision multiple times a day.

  • High-touch areas are cleaned throughout the day. The playgrounds are cleaned and sanitized between individual class uses. 

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