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Currently enrolling for Fall 2024

Our Locations

Bumble Babies

Bee Bops Bumble Babies

8021 SW Mapleleaf St Tigard


License # CF503341

Ages; 2m-2yrs

Capacity 16

Opened Feb 1996

Lil' Tots

Bee Bops Lil’ Tots

9785 SW Mckenzie St Tigard

License # CF502645

Ages 2-kinder

Capacity 15

Opened Nov 2010

Busy Bees

Bee Bops Busy Bees

8855 SW Omara St Tigard

License # CF502237

Ages 2-kinder

Capacity 16

Opened Nov 2011

Learning Center


OCT 15TH, 2021

Our Approach

Bee Bops welcomes all children and is committed to providing developmentally appropriate, early learning and develop experiences We work in partnership with families and other professionals involved with the child to provide the support every child needs to reach their full potential.

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